Metal Art: Top 3 Metal Sculptures and Statutes

Metal Art: Top 3 Metal Sculptures and Statutes

Feb 25, 18
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It may seem impossible until done to fathom that scrap metals can be used to fabricate beautiful sculptures. Metal recycling is a cheap method of making all kinds of metal objects ranging from cars and artifacts to all home appliances.

You probably own a bunch of scrap metals lying in your backyard, isn’t? Take advantage of this golden material by contracting a skilled metal sculpture to make beautiful sculptures using the scrap metal materials and you won’t regret your effort. Perhaps, some of this beautiful metal sculptures were probably fabricated out of recycling metals. Some of the fascinating sculptures made out of metal include;

1.   Bronze David Statue

This is a statue rated among the best quattrocento best sculptures fabricated by Donatello in the 15th century. With its daring Bible interpretation, it has been as the first unrestrained standing bronze male statue in the time of Renaissance. This beautiful metal sculpture draws David posing with his feet on the dispatched head of Goliath. This sculpture is made using a bronze surface to make the statue lively. Its classical nudity transforms the sculpture into a beautiful artwork. Donatello was a very gifted artist in bringing human vitality in any sculpture he made. This statue can be found in the Bargello Museum.

2.   Bird Girl Statue

This is yet another sculpture fabricated out of metal. It was made in the year 1936 by popular Sylvia Shaw Judson. It is cast using bronze with a height of 50 inches. However, this attractive statue came into the limelight after being featured in the ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ cover in the year 1994. It depicts a juvenile girl in a mere dress expressing an afflictive expression with the girl’s heads leaning to her left side. The statue shows the young girl standing straight with her elbows supported by her waist. The girl is sculptured holding two bowls from both her sides. These bowls are commonly referred to as ‘bird feeders’.

3.   Lady Liberty Statue

This is among the most iconic statues made out of metal and probably the most prodigious in the entire world. It was initially fabricated in France using thin sheets of copper which were assembled on a steel support frame. This mode of sculpturing the statue made it dull brown in color nevertheless it later change to green. It represents Libertas who was a Roman freedom goddess. In the statue, she is in custody of a tablet showing the date America declared independence and a torch.


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