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Get the Most from Your Website with Cloud Hosting to Help Your METAL SHOP

Apr 08, 17
Becky Hopkins
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As our technology continues to develop, the internet gets faster and faster and we are able to transfer more data than ever before. While in the past you would have to wait for a simple page to load, we are now able to download vast files and watch movies by direct streaming them from servers elsewhere. Cloud computing has also helped us to get more form the internet, and cloud hosting helps us to get more from our websites.

cloud hosting and why you should go for it

Added Reliability

Normally, a website is hosted on one server from which all visitors are able to access it and usually this works just fine.. However, as metal shop employee Jane found out, should there be a fault with the server then your website can go offline and be completely inaccessible to everybody. The good news is that cloud hosting offers a solution to the problem so there is no need to be concerned about your website going offline again.

More Servers to Count On

Having her website offline was quite a problem for Jane as she relies upon it in her job , so she went in search for a solution. She found the solution in cloud hosting and she has found that her website has not been offline for even one moment since she has started using it. Because cloud hosting uses more than one server from which the website can be accessed, there are instant back-ups available should one server fail.